It was in Manhattan, New York where Judith began to  develop an affinity for Bridal Hairstyling. After graduating from High school, she decided to enroll in Nursing school. However, Judith never stopped thinking in the possibility of becoming a Bridal Hairstylist. Few years later, she decided to pursue her dreams an consequently attended beauty school, graduating with a diploma which allowed her Cosmetology license.


Almost immediately, she started working at some of the finest salons and began placing herself in settings that would showcase her styling abilities. In no time she was recommended to work with her long time favorite Vanessa Williams.


Judith has done Bridal Photoshoots for venues such as the DC District winery and publish her work on magazines placing her among great hairstylists. Judith is a true professional on a level of her own who meets and succeeds the highest levels off expectactions. 

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